About Us

Our Story

“Magnetic Curtains™ came to be out of love for my wife, while trying to block sun from the windows with tacks, and I said to myself there has to be a better way. And the idea was born.”

Magnetic Curtains™ are one of the latest innovative curtains in the industry. They are easy to install and remove as desired without using any tools. Magnetic Curtains™ are great for homes, offices, apartments, rooms, dorms, and anyone who likes to have a complete blackout coverage and or privacy.

You may contact us at anytime at info@magnetic-curtains.com

Magnetic System

We use our Patented system that allows for easy installations and removal. Our customized design allows consumers to install and removed each Magnetic Curtain as desired in less than 5 minutes.

Hours Of Customer Service Operations
Monday: 9-5PM
Tuesday: 9-5PM
Wednesday: 9-5PM
Thursday: 9-5PM
Friday: 9-5PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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